Is Kidazzler a scam? Opportunity to make reoccurring monthly income....

A few days ago I stumbled upon a new "up and coming" app called Kidazzler. And after reading a little about the concept, I was VERY INTRIGUED.

How Kidazzler works
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     Kidazzler is an app that is in the final stages of development before its official release to the public. Their goal is to be the largest directory of business for kids (like indoor trampoline parks, pediatricians, day cares, birthday party places, etc.) Well, in order to do that and to already have tons of businesses in their directory when they launch, they need OUR help! Kidazzler plans on launching in April 2019 (so this opportunity could quickly pass you by of you don't jump on it now).

Okay, so what do they want us to do?

Add businesses that you know of in your area that are great for kids! All you need to add is:
  • Business Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address (if it is a physical location)
  • Email Address*
  • Website*
*These last two are not required, but they can speed up the entire process (which I explain step by step how to add business to Kidazzler quickly--> Click here to watch this video)

Then, once you have successfully added a business, it is "locked" in your name. (So no one else can add that business again.) Next, if that business decides to pay for advertising space on Kidazzler, your get $10 / month for that ONE business that it probably only took you a few moments to add. You can repeat this process for up to 50 businesses.

But wait... it says you can make up to $4,800/month. Yes, after you add 50 business, that is a potential of $500/month but that's not what we're aiming for right? So, now it's time for you to invite your friends and family to create an account and have them EACH add 50 business. You have the potential to earn $2/month per business that they add. 

2 x 50 = $100/month 

And all you had to do was invite one friend for that additional $100/month. Not too shabby. 

Granted, there is no guarantee that ANY business will advertise on Kidazzler, but I would think the odds are pretty good.

Consider this, they are trying to get help finding business mostly from people that already have kids (you don't have to be a parent to do this, but they are trying to recruit parents because they are more likely to know of the kids businesses in their area. ALSO they will MOST LIKELY USE THE APP once it is launched.) 


Get your target audience to help you build they app by referring businesses, then when you go to ask businesses if they would like to advertise on your app, you can mention that you ALREADY have the audience BEFORE the app is even launched AND their customer REFERRED the business! *insert mind blown emoji here* #whydidntIthinkofthat

As I mentioned before, they will be moving on to the next phase in April 2019. I've already gotten my 50 businesses in (it only took me a couple of hours - mostly because I was really trying to think of ones that were more likely to advertise). I figured a couple hours ONE TIME for months of reoccurring passive income is well worth it. 

You've probably already got AT LEAST 50 businesses in mind, so go ahead and add them! Oh, you'll need my invite code for access:

Use code: e0af45

Or click the link below to go directly to the sign up page:


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