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Top 5 Favorite Things I Take Traveling (especially if I need to work)

Back in 2018, (which somehow feels like AGES ago...), I was preparing to travel to Russia for a week and then heading to India for two and a half weeks after that, so I spent so serious time doing research to ensure I was prepared for ANYTHING! As I was reading, I kept finding that it was fairly common for Americans to be pick-pocketed in Russia, and frankly, I ain't got time for that! I usually don't carry a large purse or anything (a wristlet at the max), but I needed to be able to carry my documents with me at all times (apparently getting in trouble with the police there if you don't have your documents is not uncommon either) and the more research I did, the more I thought of things to carry with me so a wristlet wasn't going to cut it and let's face it, cargo pants are not the answer either. So I searched and searched and found this... Which brings us to... #1 The Backpack/Purse Waterproof Nylon Anti-theft Lightweight Shoulder Bag This is P